Airport Management Basics – Why Stakeholders Should Seek Professional Help

Managing commercial and general aviation airports can be a complex task and there are a number of companies are involved in day-to-day management of airport properties and facilities. If you are an airport asset owner looking to maximize the value of your aviation assets, you should consider hiring a firm that can offer world-class expertise and operational flexibility, with a proven track record of accomplishment. Here are the things you need to know.

The need for a management service

Regardless of location and nature of operations, the numerous tasks at airports have many elements in common. It is important to ensure that the airport services are managed as efficiently and aptly as possible, so as to meet the demands of flying public, airlines, freight organizations, and other interested parties. Professional airport management is also vital for ensuring operational continuity, management of tenants and entities throughout the airport supply chain, and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations promulgated by various authorities. Managing these work streams may be inefficient for asset owners with limited experience and resources.  With a professional management company, controlling your aviation assets and understanding their performance becomes easier than ever.

Finding a company

While a number of companies operate in this segment, each one differs in its approach and nature of services. You need a company that understands the aviation sector beyond the basic management tasks. The concerned company should be capable of offering flexible services for your portfolio and must have the necessary metrics to measure performance. As the owner, your control on the assets and investments shouldn’t be diluted at any point. A good management service also helps in reducing costs through industry benchmarking and they will provide the resources and platform for rapid expansion as and when required.

Before you select a company, diligence their experience, background and the kind of management projects they have completed. They must be capable offering a complete operational solution which focuses on efficiency, higher customer service, and uncompromised transparency and reporting.

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  • September 15, 2017

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