Critical Experience and Airport Services Management

Why Engage Particular Firms?

The primary goal behind hiring an accomplished Airport Services Management company is to bring professional management with a proven track record. Management standards in aviation are focused in a number of areas encompassing safety, service, regulatory and efficiency. Airport management services need to have tangible metrics and measurements in order to determine success relative to industry benchmarks as well as long-term goals and objectives. Obviously, the quality and quintessence of management likewise promotes brand value and equity.

Choosing Services:

  • Obviously, airport services management is a broad field, so you need to choose a management company with experience across many segments. This includes Aircraft Charter and Management (ACM), Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) and Fixed Base Operations (FBO). Professional management companies which execute in all of these segments can also promote the synergies among them, driving additional value for the asset owner. A few Airport Facility Management Services organizations additionally manage airport infrastructure and facilities, which can further add to cost saving efficiency.
  • Management style is also critical. Management companies should provide aviation asset owners with a bespoke management plan that contains granular detail of how business objectives will be met and how progress will be measured. This planning and communication should focus on all participating airport stakeholders and the impacts to their respective organizations. Ongoing management of the aviation assets will include customized operational and financial reporting from the management company to the asset owners and their relevant financial institutions.
  • Aviation asset owners need to understand the management style and experience of Airport Management and Integrated service organizations when considering them for the management of their foundational infrastructure. It is essential that a service supplier has profound involvement in all aspects of the business and brings strong relationships throughout the industry. The professional management company should be able to integrate industry leading best practices where relevant.

Contingent upon the requirements of the asset owners, Aviation Project and Management Services will be tailored and customized to meet the sponsor’s needs. Global Aviation Infrastructure LLC is a leading aviation management company which provides FBO, MRO, ACM and aviation infrastructure management for aviation asset owners, corporations, airports, private equity firms, family offices and financial institutions.

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  • September 28, 2018

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