The Range Of Services Offered By FBOs

FBO stands for Fixed Base Operator, and they are one of the vital service providers for the aviation industry. FBOs are responsible for multiple roles and jobs, and their work propels the movement at both general aviaiton and commercial airports.

Understanding work done by FBOs

FBOs usually have different roles in different regions and countries, and the same FBO platform can be involved in two very distinct jobs at two distinct airports. The concept of full-service FBOs are more common in Europe and North America, but this service model has been developing in other regions, as well, including Middle East and Asia. While generally associated with fueling and hangaring of general aviation aircraft, FBOs can provide a diverse range of services including:

  • General Aviation (GA) aircraft handling, fueling and hangaring (storage)
  • Aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO)
  • Aircraft Charter and Management (ACM)
  • Commercial handling and fueling services
  • Commercial above wing and below wing aircraft handling services
  • General Aviation and Commercial de-icing services
  • Coordinating the arrangement of ground transportation
  • Airport facility management
  • Airport Capital Project Management Services
  • SMS Program Development and Implementation

Consequently, the role of an FBO can be multidimensional one. Obviously, the services provided at any given airport will be driven by local demand for those services.   Many of the required services require additional FAA licenses, such as a Part 145 Repair Station License for MRO or a Part 135 Air Carrier Certificate for ACM.  Fixed Base Operators offer what their customers require, and this often involves the development of additional general aviation facilities at an airport. It is therefore critical for general aviation users to work with a company that has deep experience and capabilities in order to receive the level of service to meet both their specific mission requirements and customer expectations.

Global Aviation Infrastructure LLC offers management and advisory services in the U.S. and internationally and has the experience of of providing on-airport services at over 50 airports.

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