Things to Understand About Ground Handling Services

Many services are elemental to the aviation sector in different capacities, and ground handling is one of them. When a commercial aircraft is waiting at the airport, it requires a whole range of services, which are offered by ground handling companies or in some cases by FBOs. Ground handlers are most prevalent at larger commercial airports.

Ground Handlers vs. FBOs

FBOs (Fixed Base Operators) offer a whole range of aviation services at airports, and that profile may also include commercial ground handling services. FBOs mainly deal with the management of private aircraft and general aviation terminals and hangars, but may also provide commercial ground handling services. The concept of FBOs emerged in North America and Europe, but today, you can find exceptional services in many other continents, as well.

Ground handlers, on the other hand, mainly deal with services that are required commercial airlines. These companies need to have precise training and must have the necessary licenses for operating at an airport, and in most cases, they are licensed and hired by the airport sponsors. Ground handlers, in the typical case, don’t actually engage in other FBO services. In locations outside of North America and Europe, ground handlers may provide some of the core FBO services such as fueling and passenger management.

Services Offered

Commercial aircraft, as mentioned earlier, require diverse services at the destination airports and technical stops. This may include ‘below wing’ and ‘above wing’ services. Ground handlers mostly handle the tasks below the wing. These services include coordinating aircraft fueling, baggage handling, managing water and other requirements, offering use of ground power units, etc. Some ground handlers share the work with FBOs for above wing services including tasks like managing the in-flight food loading, managing passenger movement, terminal and gate services and much more.

Ground handlers are an important resource at commercial airports, and they must have the required training, certification, and liability insurance. At Global Aviation Infrastructure LLC, we offer ground handler, FBO, MRO and other aviation services management.

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  • August 11, 2017

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