Airport Management Services – Why Are the Key Demands?

Airport management services can be generally described as any of the managerial activities needed to conduct airport operations. Operating an airport is composed of multiple complex work streams and requires careful attention in many areas like infrastructure management, maintenance, operations, technical and systems integration, as well as environmental awareness and impact programs.

Sometimes referred to as airport facility management services, there are various sectors into which the facilities management can be divided into. These include terminal facilities, hangars, other support facilities (such as parking areas, administrative areas, etc.) and core airport infrastructure

What Do The Services Entail?

Airport services management, in general, require a lot of expertise and experience and is a challenging due to the plethora of skill sets required as well as a proven track record of execution.

At both the commercial and the general aviation airports, there are a number of companies which may provide varying degrees of airport management services. Most of these companies have a narrow and specific range of services ranging from the management of terminals and other passenger areas to operating on airport services such as Fixed Base Operations (FBO), Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) and Aircraft Charter and Management (ACM). These companies usually provide the following:

  • Managing the movement of the passengers, cargo and baggage.
  • Aircraft handling, to include both above wing and below wing services.
  • Overseeing additional airport facilities such as hangars and core airport infrastructure such as runways, taxiways and ramp areas.

Some airport facility management companies work directly for the airport sponsors, whereas others are engaged by other asset owners such as institutional equity sponsors, financial institutions and private equity firms.

Is There A Need For Specialization?

Many of the work streams mentioned above require specific expertise in the airport management sector. Companies that are involved in general facility management in the other industries do not necessarily possess the experience required to effectively manage in the aviation sector. One key differentiator is the required training of the airport based employees and staff for safety sensitive positions and security requirements unique to airports.

Other Services

The airport management and integrated service model provides constituents such as air carriers, general aviation  and other airport tenants state of the art services in a rapidly expanding and changing industry. This assists in managing the complications of a highly regulated industry.

Furthermore, professional airport management companies can proactively incorporate industry best practices based on outside experience to add value and drive results.


Successful airport management is an outcome of experience and execution. It also needs a team that will deliver performance in the eyes of both the customer and the asset owner. Selecting a service provider for airport services management can be a time consuming endeavour with a lot of specialized areas to diligence; however, engaging a firm committed to successful outcomes drives the most value.

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