The Benefit of Aircraft Charter and Management Services

Safety, productivity, security and convenience are considered to be the key reasons why individuals and companies choose on-demand private air travel for both personal as well as business reasons. Aircraft management is the term that is used to refer to all of the aircraft management services which are performed by an aircraft management and maintenance company. The management, operation and maintenance of a business aircraft is very complex as well as time consuming endeavor for aircraft owners to undertake.

Rather than self-managing experienced pilots for operations and mechanics of Aviation Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Management service providers for maintenance, aircraft owners may hire a charter management firm to provide professional management to their entire flight department. Utilizing this structure an aircraft owner may take advantage of the management company’s buying power associated with costs of overhead in areas including insurance, fuel purchasing and more. Such aircraft management is commonly categorized as turnkey aircraft management. In addition, an aircraft manager which holds a U.S. Part 135 air carrier certificate (or its foreign equivalent) may also put the aircraft up for hire (charter) to third parties, thereby reducing the owner’s share of fixed costs of ownership over the long term.

Like any other businesses, an aircraft charter business may also benefit from professional management which results in better operating performance and increased cost savings. Aircraft charter and management services provide the opportunity for increased utilization of a company or individually owned aircraft. With the help of charter management services, owners gain the opportunity to generate revenue by utilizing the unused time of the aircraft and thereby reducing their fixed costs of ownership. All aircraft must conform to the air carrier’s certificate requirements before being available for charter.

Turnkey aircraft management refers to the total management of an individual or a company’s private aircraft. In turnkey management the aircraft owner transfers the whole operational responsibilities of the aircraft to the aircraft management company. The management firm provides its all day to day services to operate and maintain the aircraft. The services provided include various technical services such as maintenance management, crew management services such as training for crew personnel hiring and payroll, security for the travelers and other travel needs such as ground transportation.

It also provides customer service required to support all charter trips as well as financial management and reporting to the owner. Individuals or companies who engage the services of turnkey aircraft management receive the highest level of operation and financial reporting.

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  • December 03, 2019

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