5 Reasons Why You Should Use Aviation Consulting Services

Aviation consultancy is aimed at providing expert aviation advisory, planning, designing, and management consulting services by collaborating with airport sponsors, financial institutions and operating aviation companies the greatest value comes in the form of end to end solutions in accordance with the requirements of the aviation clients, adding value through increased efficiency, profitability and brand equity. In this blog, we will discuss 5 reasons why using specialty aviation consultancy services is a must for airport sponsors, financial institutions with aviation holdings, and airport services businesses.

1. End-To-End Consultancy Services

Aviation specific consultancy can come in the form of end to end turn-key services or can address more discrete, specific needs. These services often begin with feasibility studies or market analysis and then evolve to focus on specific competitive issues identified in the initial findings. Institutional equity sponsors, alternative asset managers and financial institutions with aviation holdings find this aspect of aviation consulting particularly helpful.

2. Airport Analysis

Competitive market analysis is one of the core competencies of companies providing airport management services. Consultants carry out studies on a range of areas, including airport diligence, infrastructure development, capacity analysis and enhancement, construction phasing, and the viability of public-private partnership funding options.

In addition many consultants offer aviation specific management consulting, bringing a proven track record of implementing industry leading best practices to smaller companies.

3. State-Of-The-Art Reporting

Dedicated consultancy services can help give insight to an integral part of aircraft management and advisory services through enhanced operational and financial data collection and reporting. Their IT-based, state-of-the art consultancy services help real time management of small to medium sized aviation service companies. This further enhances the managerial data and reporting with regard to individual assets within an aviation portfolio.

4. Facilities Development

Master planning services for small and medium-sized airports is one of the key features of many aviation consulting companies. These services many be comprised of planning and reviews to assess airport capacity, operational performance, maintenance of airport infrastructure, and commercial development.

There is a growing economic scarcity of quality aviation property. The efficient use of developable space is a critical component to success for any airport or on-airport service provider.

5. Turn-Key Management

Sometimes a specific consulting engagement can, and should, evolve into a management role.  This is due to the expertise and experience that an aviation specific consultant can bring to a particular competitive situation, particularly one in which the consultant has previously been successful driving execution and creating value. Accordingly, clients utilizing consultancy services should consider adding a longer management role upon completion of a successful consulting engagement.

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  • February 28, 2019

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