The Importance of MRO Management Services

Aviation maintenance has evolved tremendously in the last 30 years to include work on work on structures, power plants, aircraft systems, flight controlled systems, and engine systems.

Aviation Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Management includes all types of MRO services, including engine repair on Rolls Royce, Pratt & Whitney, General Electric and other engines found on commercial and general aviation aircraft. Authorized service centers may perform inspections on engines such MPIs on the TFE731, CFE738 and HTF7000 using state-of-the art equipment including advanced borescope.

Characterizing Aviation Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Management can be challenging as it encompasses a vast array of diverse services. The variance of services is wide, including

AOG Sales

MRO, Airframes & Avionics

Engine & Engine Shop

Interior Shop

Interior Completions

Aircraft Painting

Wheels & Brakes

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Component Repairs an Irrefutable Chance

Since most Aviation Maintenance Repair Service Providers specialize in the specific capabilities they provide, in can be beneficial to find a professional management company who can provide data for evidence-based decisions. Prospective maintenance service providers should look for the type and qualifications of the service provider they require—an FAA Repair Station Licensed maintenance service provider or an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) designated service center.

Among the most common differentiations among MRO providers are the certifications and capabilities among airframes.  While many may service various types of aviation activity, few have a proven track record through managing MRO services through varying cycles of economic activity.

MRO Supply Chain

There are some basic supply chain management best practices which are extended to aviation.  The first is the concept of “flow down”, meaning that a prime supplier to a large customer should extend the same contractual provisions in his contract to those of his suppliers.  The second is that of supplier surveillance, meaning that a supplier is managed to perform to the terms of their contract.

These are the key concepts around Aviation MRO Management services; however, each management company has it own focus and goals.

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