What Role Does Aviation Infrastructure Management Play in the Aviation Industry?

Infrastructure development on airports requires contributions from a great number of stakeholders including airport sponsors, financial institutions, airport service providers and other constituents. If you are an asset owner who is in need of aviation infrastructure management, you should consider engaging an aviation infrastructure management company with a proven track record across economic cycles. The key things to be addressed in case of airport related infrastructure management are:

  • Scalability
  • Reduced costs
  • Streamlined operations
  • Professional management
  • Enhanced brand recognition and value
  • Customized operational and financial reporting

Airport infrastructure management is the process of efficiently developing and managing on airport facilities and systems to maximize their use and value at the airport. It is also about creating a safe, secure and reliable network which includes all other airport and aviation components. Whether you are a private equity firm, public entity, family office or an institutional investor, an aviation infrastructure development company can increase the efficiency of your assets across the enterprise.

What Is the Purpose of a Professional Aviation Infrastructure Management Company?

  • In a highly regulated and complex industry like aviation, it is difficult to balance cost efficiency, scalability and delivering the customer experience. A professional management company improves the quality of all services.
  • A known aviation management company with a proven track record and bring unique resources and industry leading best practices to an asset owner.
  • With an experienced management company, an owner can receive customized, real time reporting to keep them up to date on the operational and financial performance of their assets.

How to Find the Right Management Company?

For the best airport management and integrated service, professional companies should be thoroughly diligence before being engaged. You should expect to see a great amount of direct experience in all verticals like Maintenance, Repair and Overhoaul (MRO), Aircraft Management and Charter (ACM), Fixed Base Operations (FBO) and other activities such as airport operations. One should also review their experience to ensure that they have deep capabilities across multiple categories of airports (general aviation, commercial), airports of different sizes (large hub airports to smaller relievers) and varying geographies, including international. If a company has deep and diversified experience then they can best create a customized plan which can address the bespoke needs of the areas of interest.

Leading management companies also have a scalable plan of operations and the appropriate metrics to measure both operational metrics as well as financial goals. They should also be capable of providing the required support whenever and wherever needed. Support in aviation can have both planned and emergent components and thus it is always important to choose a team that has both industry standing and experience.

The Services:

Airport management and integrated service are about providing the following services to the aviation sector:

  • Design, build and manage facilities.
  • Integration services like being a ground handler for commercial and general aviation operators.
  • Management services such as terminal and facility management.
  • Brand equity building strategies such as cross selling additional services across the customer base.

Airport management is a complicated and detailed endeavour at every airport regardless of size and very few management companies possess the skill sets and experience required for efficient management. When it comes to airports and aviation, an asset owner should hire a specialized company with a proven track record that is willing to customize its management approach to meet your specific competitive dynamic.

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