Why stakeholders should consider experience for hiring aviation management services?

With growing demand for FBO, MRO and ACM services, the aviation industry is expanding like never before. Airports ranging from municipal general aviation airports to international hubs now need more FBOs and service providers than ever before. If you are a stakeholder looking for aviation management, you should look for a company that has extended expertise and a proven track record in the field.  Here are some of the things you need to know.

Experience defines management philosophy

Aviation management companies are expected to focus on three major things – safe and efficient operations in which activities are continually managed and improved, financial execution that creates value, and brand development. It’s important to understand that airport management involves a lot more than just managing passengers and traffic. Every stakeholder has individual interests, and a management company is expected to add value through meeting the customer experience expectation. When it comes to financial execution, three other essential aspects matter the most.

–    The management company should ensure experienced managers and appropriate systems and procedures continuously measure and improve efficiency;

–    They must set achievable goals which in alignment with ownership and other stakeholders; and

–    They must communicate in a straightforward manner with owners and employees, addressing both areas of achievement and development needs.

With experience, a company can innovate and lead change within an industry.  In aviation, this requires a thoughtful and dynamic approach which addresses second and third order consequences and beyond—impact not only to the company and its customers (passengers and other aviation service providers), but also regulatory bodies and critical relationships such as airport sponsors.

Understanding work of management services   

Aviation infrastructure and services management can entail a number of different skill sets Across a broad range of service offerings.   As mentioned earlier, stakeholders have different expectations and needs and therefore it is important for professional managers to have a well though through approach which addresses each constituency (and is also well communicated). The addition (or termination) of a service offering, such as MRO, has different meanings to different parties on an airport and needs to be addressed and communicated accordingly.

GAI is focused on and experienced in all these areas. We believe in maximizing aviation asset value through the customer on-airport experience. As a team with over two decades of experience, we have worked on aviation infrastructure projects, managing direct infrastructure investment. With experience at over 50 airports in the U.S. and internationally, we look forward to serving your needs—please call or visit our website today.

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  • July 21, 2017

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