Understanding The Need for Airport Management Services

Airport traffic (commercial, military and general aviation) on a regular day can be intense, at least from the perspective of the management team. Over the years the need for professional airport management has become crucial in many ways. So, who manages an airport? What kind of services do these companies provide? We have provided several areas below for your review.

Defining services

Airport management is a crucial job, which is entrusted to a number of operators. At a high level, you have to understand that commercial airports have multiple stakeholders, from airlines to passengers and airport sponsors. Every airport needs efficient operations and professional management, for which they usually rely on third-party services, such as Global Aviation Infrastructure. Basically, these companies help in streamlining a lot of the regular activities, starting with passenger movement and ground services.

What are the services offered?

Companies that provide airport management have different roles, which can be unique, as well as dependent on one another. Some of the standard services provided are –

– Airport Administration.  The core airport wide functions fall under this category, which includes operational control of the airport, facility and grounds maintenance, provision and monitoring of safety and security practices, and communication with third parties such as the FAA, tenants and concessionaires.

– FBOs or Fixed Based Operations. These companies are more focused on aviation services at an airport. From managing the commercial and general aviation terminals to ensuring the smooth flow of traffic at the airport, FBOs can do it all. They may also handle CIQ also known as “Customs, Immigration, and Quarantine”, hangar facilities, ramp areas and other airport operations.

– Ground handlers. Ground handlers on the contrary are more focused on commercial services, mostly below-wing services, such as management of ground resources and flights on the runway. The airport authorities usually license these companies through concession agreements, and they need special permission for operations.

The varied range of airport management services

Global Aviation Infrastructure has deep experience in most areas of general aviation services, including FBO, MRO and ACM operations. We specialize in airport facility management, and we also deal in capital project management services. This is an industry which is kept moving by service providers, and that’s why our work is not only relevant but essential. Companies and aviation asset managers in need of these services should carefully diligence the background, experience and track records of the companies they are considering.

Due to favorable industry trends, professional airport management services will continue to become more important as aviation asset managers demand greater transparency and higher returns.

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  • July 14, 2017

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