What Is The Best Airport Services Management Approach For Better Airport Facilities?

When we think of airport services management, we should first think of the considerable amount of expertise and experience required to conduct airport operations on either a general aviation or commercial airport.

The specialized range of tasks and operations has made airport facility management services distinct disciplines of which there are few U.S. companies with deep experience and proven track records.

Operating and managing an airport requires a blend of experience and skill sets in order to efficiently manage these unique transportation properties.

What Services are required?

The services encompassing airport facility management can be quite complex. These services include but are not limited to terminal services, Air Traffic Control (ATC), maintaining weather and navigation systems, and various ground handling. The services are generally required both at commercial and general aviation airports. There are some aviation management companies with this unique experience that are capable of managing a plethora of tasks.

Requirements vary based upon the classification and size of the airport but there are some general categories which usually apply. Specific requirements may include anything from the management of facilities ranging from terminals (commercial and general aviation) to aircraft hangars and vehicular parking decks. Other services may include handling the movement of the passengers, cargo and baggage. Additional services include maintaining core airport infrastructure such as runways, taxiways and ramp areas.

Some airport management companies work directly for an authority or municipality which serves as the airport sponsor and it other cases the airport may be privately owned or under a long term lease.

Why Hire an Airport Services Management Company?

Companies which offer airport services management achieve success by leveraging their experience and skill sets across a network of locations and incorporating industry leading best practices. This is achieved by implementing customized solutions at each airport.

They should have a detailed plan for the execution of every activity, from the management of passengers to the movement of aircraft. Efficient airport management and integrated service is also ensuring customized plans and solutions work and measuring and checking key performance indicators, adjusting as required. Many professional aviation management companies also focus on infrastructure development and work with third parties to finance key airport infrastructure for growth.

Who Can Help?

There are multiple ways to engage a professional aviation management company. Typically, a contract is executed between the asset owner seeking assistance and the service provider on an intermediate to long term basis. Depending upon the nature of this contract, the company involved in providing services can have different responsibilities and capacities depending upon the needs of the owner and the specific competitive position. Some companies provide turn-key comprehensive management and others tend to provide bespoke services on an as needed basis.

Whatever the nature of the requirements, the services usually focus on cost reduction, increasing efficiency, innovation, transparent reporting, and creating brand equity and asset value. The companies engaged by airport asset owners may also possess certain licenses and permits which allow them to conduct additional on-airport services. Examples of these services include Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO), Aviation Fixed Base Operations Management, and Aircraft Charter and Management.

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